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About Solar Panels

Solar panels are simply the best way to save money and be independent of your energy production. Through the solar panels you will be able to achieve total autonomy, generate money, credit in favor so you will never pay your electric bill again.

If we compare your current electric bill and what you would pay for a monthly installment of solar panels, you can pay up to 50% less. For example, if your electric bill was $200, now with the solar panels you would pay $100 and you no longer pay the electric bill.

Why Get solar Panels

If you’ve been thinking about getting solar panels, here are some of the benefits of installing them on your property.

Ready to save money on your electric bill?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not insure the roof, but we do provide an extended penetration and filtration warranty for 25 years. The roof will be protected for 25 years with us in penetration and filtration. And in relation to the solar system, we are a licensed and certified company with the brands we install and we offer a 25-year manufacturing guarantee on inverters, panels and anchors. On top of that, the extended warranty we offer saves you from paying a single dollar out of pocket for any broken equipment or any repairs to that equipment.

Another benefit is that we give you 5 years so you can have the option to disassemble and assemble your solar energy system. Only once in a period of 5 years.

There are three ways you can manage that part:

1. All finance companies have the right to transfer the debt to the new owner.

2. Place the debt to the amount of the sale of the property.

3. Transfer the solar energy system to the new house (certain conditions apply because we work hand in hand with the county and the electric companies. In order to transfer the system to another house, we need to obtain permits, engineer, design and everything that corresponds to the location of the new property.

As experts in solar energy, we are not authorized to speak about accounting information. The tax credit incentive is a right that you have as a renewable energy customer, but it is not a duty. You should consult with your accounting specialist to know if you qualify or not for it.

98% of our sales are financed. Among the benefits of financing is that you do not have to give a single dollar down. The company covers all the management of the purchase of materials and you start paying 6 months after the installation.

We also have the best rates in the market for solar panels – up to 0.99% interest and 0.49% interest for financing for our clients.

ready to save money on your electric bill?