Hybrid Water Heater

About Hybrid Water Heaters

The hybrid water heater works with a technology called “Heat pump”. This is the way it works with the environment, absorbing heat from the environment to process hot water. Compared to a normal heater, which consumes 4,500 kilowatts per year, the hybrid heater only uses a maximum of 915 kilowatts per year. This is more than 3,500 kilowatts of savings per year, which is equivalent to more than $550.00 per year in savings just for making the switch.

Why Get a Hybrid Water Heater

If you’ve been thinking about getting a hybrid water heater, here are some of the benefits of installing them on your property.

ready to save money on your electric bill?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. The hybrid technology does not make it lose efficiency. Now is going to be much more effective at an energy level. Also, the temperature can be moderated.

ready to save money on your electric bill?